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>Lesley Schimanski <schila at ULETH.CA> wrote:
>>Hello All,
>>I'm a lost Neuroscience major up in Canada.  My problem is that I'm not
>>sure what I'm doing.  I would really appreciate your help in determining
>>what job opportunities are possible once I have a degree in
>>Neuroscience, and also if it is necessary to obtain a Ph.D in order to
>>get a really good job.  Where are the jobs????????  
>Everywhere where people starve, 
>where an old people are alone
>where a child has no parents 
>and where beings are abused...

Hey Cijadra at zedat,
                You arent exactly what Id call helpful.... IMHO, I think in 
this case spouting cyptic nonsense at a questioning student is mean.

        A few quick questions. What are you doing right now? WHat are your 
interests? WHat do you like to work on/do? There *are* neuroscience jobs even 
if you dont do that PhD. There is a difference in the type and quality of the 
job. Doing that PhD, will naturally open doors that you cannot knock on if you 
finish with a masters or a bachelors, but again a PhD is not necessary if you 
are content to work as a techie or research associate in a lab.

        The problems with neuroscience - its such a large field with a variety 
of sub-fields, techniques and methodologies that it is difficult to 
generalize a response. For instance, my friend here at Northwestern is working 
in neuroscience in the study of MS. He is working towards his PhD, but Im sure 
if he quit with a Masters there are tons of pharmaceutical companies who are 
willing to grab him. Me, I work on electrophysiology of the autonomic nervous 
system. Even when I finish a PhD, I dont think I will have people lining up at 
my door....It depends on what you want to do, your work area etc etc.

Mail me if you have any further questions (Im sure you do).

Madhusudan Natarajan
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.  USA
m-natarajan at

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