Voices of dissent: statistical hypothesis testing

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Nov 11 11:14:44 EST 2002

I've asked to be allowed to post and discuss the image in a Physics
place, but have not heard back, so I'll give the nuts and bolts here.

It's stuff from Tapered Harmony [TH], which I've discussed,
sufficiently with respect to what's in the image, in long-former
posts here in bionet.neuroscience. They should still be available by
doing a "groups" Google on "Tapered Harmony".

the image plots the energy released from the nucleus during "beta
decay" ["qBM] and during "electron capture" [qEC]. These energy's
correspond with the 'compression' and ''expansion' phases of the
"SSW->UES harmonics that are reified in TH. The image's plot
discloses that there exists an overall, uniformly-varying,
energydynamic, and it's this overall energydynamic that Determines
the Existence of all 'matter', which is the stuff of the "natural
abundances" in the plot's 'valley'.

I refer to the stuff of the image as "Abundance on Wings", not only
because that's what its plot looks like, but because that',
pretty-much literally, the case :-]

But [almost] no one in Physics will even talk to me.

A tad on the 'humerous' side, no?


'physicists' 'moving away from' doing Physics, just because the new
stuff elevates TD E/I within their nervous systems, and they react to
the 'feeling', rather than Do-Science :-]

Well, it's not actually "'humorous'". In the full extent of its
ramifications for Humanity, it's downright Sorrow-filled - which is
way I've got to do what needs to be done with respect to it. "They've
inflicted 'nuclear' weapons upon Humanity without even Knowing what
the so-called "nucleii" are. And, yet, when Social Scientists attempt
to reach them with respect to their 'closed-mindedness', they 'trash'
the Social Scientist, rather than just Do-Science with them.

See, for instance:


K. P. Collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>Case in-point: The JPEG image I've attached to this post Verifies
>that 'quantum mechanics' is not a unique solution in 'nuclear
>physics'. 'qm' is just coersed-consensus stuff.
>This realization matters, but I've not even been able to discuss the
>concepts in 'physics' NGs. My posts have been Censored completely,
>not on the basis of anything that's in-Science, but as a consequence
>of their 'divergence from groupwise coersed-consnesus.
>That ain't Science, and any applications of Statistics with respect
>to such are meaningless.
>The image: It maps the natural abundances of all the known isotopes
>in a novel way, disclosing that there exists a uniform =overall=
>energydynamic with respect to which the natural abundances occur in
>'valley'. Data were extracted from the TOI Isotopes database which,
>when I did the analysis, was available at:
>k. p. collins.

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