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Francis Ouellette francis at MONOD.BIOL.MCGILL.CA
Sat May 15 08:21:48 EST 1993

Tom Schneider (toms at writes:

> >CC Springer Journals Preview Service                        via Internet
> (etc)
> Please do NOT repost articles references from another group!  If you have read
> them, have several and have something to say, then I'd say that an informative
> note is worth taking people's time.

Dave K. (kristoff at replies:

> 	Many of the readers of PHOTOSYN do not have USENET access and
> may not want to receive by e-mail all of the BIO-JOURNALS postings
> which are getting rather large.  You can skip messages easily; they
> can't.  Johnathan is perfectly within his rights as discussion leader
> of this group to do this, and I support him in this effort.

I don't know if both of you realize that Jonathan is actually
selecting only the "photosynthesis" articles out of these journals, it
is not a simple "repost", but a select few articles of relevence to
the group in questin.

I too, support his effort.  The PHOTOSYN readers are very fortunate to
have him do this work!



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