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CC Planta                                                 ISSN 0032-0935
CC An International Journal of Plant Biology
CC Volume 190 Number 3 (1993)                code 425  file T3190003.425
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AU Trost-P.  Scagliarini-S.  Valenti-V.  Pupillo-P.
TI Activation of spinach chloroplast glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate
   dehydrogenase: effect of glycerate 1,3-bisphosphate.
SO Planta.  1993 190(03)  P 0320.
AB 31900320.425

AU Palomares-R.  Herrmann-R-G.  Oelmueller-R.
TI Antisense RNA for components associated with the oxygen-evolving
   complex and the Rieske iron/sulfur protein of the tobacco
   thylakoid membrane suppresses accumulation of mRNA, but not of
SO Planta.  1993 190(03)  P 0305.
AB 31900305.425

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