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Mon Jan 10 15:02:27 EST 1994

From:Devens Gust
	Center for the Study of Early Events in Photosynthesis
	Arizona State University
	Tempe, AZ  
     Gust at ASUCHM.LA.ASU.EDU

The ASU Center for the Study of Early Events in 
Photosynthesis is serving as local organizing committee for 
the next annual meeting of the American Society for 
Photobiology.  As will be seen from the announcement below, 
the meeting will feature a significant photosynthesis 
component, and will be of interest to many of you.


        Photosynthesis Symposia on Cutting Edge Research

   The American Society for Photobiology will host a string 
of symposia on aspects of photosynthesis research at its next 
annual meeting, to be held at the Marriott Camelback Inn, 
Scottsdale, AZ, 25-29 June 1994.  The following symposia may 
be of special interest to photosynthesis researchers.

Organizer                Title                     Time

Thomas Moore        Photosynthetic Energy and   Monday, 6/27
                    Electron Transfer: Models   9 am -- noon
                    and Theories

Neal Woodbury       Primary Reactions in        Monday, 6/27
                    Bacterial Reaction          2 -- 5 p.m.

Pill-Soon Song      Sensory Receptors:          Tuesday, 6/28
                    Recent Advances             9 am -- noon

Wim Vermaas         Structure and Function of   Tuesday, 6/28
                    Photosynthetic Reaction     2 -- 5 PM
                    Center Complexes

Robert Blankenship  Photosynthetic Light        Wed., 6/29
                    Harvesting Complexes        9 am -- noon

Dennis O'Kane       Bioluminescence and         Wed., 6/29
                    Chemiluminescence           9 am -- noon

In addition, Dr. Werner Kuelbrandt, EMBO Lab, Heidelberg, 
Germany, will present a special lecture entitled "Structure 
of a Chlorophyll a/b Antenna Complex."

Other highlights of the meeting include lectures on solar 
energy conversion (Mostafa El-Sayed), UV and AIDS (Janusz 
Beer) and light-dependent compasses in animals, and symposia 
on DNA repair, electron paramagnetic resonance, free electron 
lasers, therapy of lupus erythematosus, and various aspects 
of DNA research.  Several schools will be offered, including 
one on UV dosimetry and action spectroscopy.  

Registration for non-members is $165.00 and hotel 
accommodation is $85 per night per room (1 or 2 people).  If 
you wish to learn more, you may call or fax a request for the 
registration forms and program to:

                Dr. Sherwood Reichard
                Biotech Park, Suite 9
                1021 15th Street
                Augusta, GA  30901
                Tel: (706) 721-2601
                Fax: (706) 721-0348

Meyrick Peak, Program Chair
Phone (708) 252-3850
Fax (708) 252-3387

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