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Fri Jan 28 14:52:09 EST 1994

                            POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW

                         PHYTOPLANKTON IRON STATUS

A three year post-doctoral position is available at the
University of Delaware, College of Marine Studies to develop and
apply immunological probes of flavodoxin abundance to assess the
iron status of marine phytoplankton.  Experience in protein
purification, use of antibodies to assess protein abundance, and
phytoplankton culturing are desirable.  The goals of the project
are (1) to use an antibody for diatom flavodoxin to examine
changes in flavodoxin abundance as a function of iron-limited
growth rate and relate these changes to photosynthetic
physiology, (2) to isolate flavodoxins from other taxa and test
for cross reactivity with the diatom antibody, (3) to develop
antibodies to flavodoxins from these taxa if necessary, (4) to
develop a single cell immunoassay to qualitatively and
quantitatively assess the iron status of phytoplankton, and (5)
to apply the single cell assay in laboratory and field

The appointment will be for one year in the first instance.

Please send a complete c.v. including the names, addresses and
telephone numbers of two referees to:

Richard J. Geider
College of marine Studies
University of Delaware
Lewes, Delaware 19958-1298

e-mail:  geider at
phone:   (302) 645-4015

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