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govindjee gov at uiuc.edu
Fri Jul 26 12:15:29 EST 1996

Dear Photosynthesizers:
This is to inform all those interested in teaching photosynthesis that I
have on my WWW page (http://www.life.uiuc.edu/govindjee/) several items
that may be of interest to your students:
[1] Three set of slides for  the so-called "light reactions" from "Photons
to NADPH2+ ATP"; they are simply numbered Slides1, 2 and 3; they need to be
downloaded (credit: Mike Novak/Ed Dole/Govindjee).
[2] Multimedia text book on Photosynthesis (credit Matej Lexa and John
[3] Virtual Cell (credit: Matej lexa)
[4] A short clip on Chlorophyll fluorescence (credit: Govindjee/Fred
Chow/Brad Sherman); the same page includes photos of some photosynthesis
"Diggaj"( please look up a Hindi dictionary).
[5] Photosynthesis and time ( credit: Govindjee and Matej Lexa): From
Photons to Oxygen evolution; there is also  a simplified "Q-cycle" on it.

        I also have links to materials by  Drs. Blankenship; Gust; Allen;
Crofts; Nice E-mail list; Photobiology On Line, etc.

I request feedback and invitation to others to make links to my site. The
feedback can be in the form of E-mails to me. Thanks.

Have fun,

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