Mangosteen cultivation

Mon Jul 20 16:41:00 EST 1992

Dear David:

I sort of had the feeling you'd be wanting an e-mail address for Robert Knight.
BUT, he is a venerable botanist of the old school, and to my knowledge can
hardly be found by PHONE, much less by 'puter.

In response to your inquiry, I've gone back to my files, and will now provide
some serious contacts. First, Robert Knight is at
                              Subtropical Horticultural Research Unit
                              USDA  ARS
                              Miami FL

It so happens that the USDA Station in Mayaguez Puerto Rico publishes booklets
on "less-known" tropical fruits. The series I'm familiar with is "Cultivation
of Neglected Tropical Fruits with Promise", and comes in at least 7 parts. Part
one is "The Mangosteen. ARS-S-155.

Address of the Mayaguez group is: Mayaguez Institute of Tropical Agriculture,
Science and Education Administration, P.O. Box 70, Mayaguez P.R. 00708.

The booklet I have was published in 1976, so anything could have happened
in the nonce. I'll post this to the Plant Sci Network in hopes that
Mayaguez is watching and could update the info. Again, I don't have an
e-mail address for Mayaguez, though there is sure to be one.

Good luck, and since you're cultivating the Queen of Fruits, let me know
when you try your hand at the King  (Durian !)

Pleasant slurping,
                     George Ellmore
                     Tufts Univ
                     Medford, MA  02155

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