Landscaping with Native Plants

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                     Landscaping with Native Plants
                           Co-sponsored by
                   the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
                   the Virginia Native Plant Society
                      Saturday, February 13,1993
                University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia
"Why Use Natives" by Darrel Morrison
        Enhance the regional identity and ecological fitness in the designed
        landscape and reap the economic benefits and aesthetic impact your
        landscape can have from using native plants.
"Building the Framework of a Native Garden" by Dr. Alex Niemiera
        Utilizing medium and large native American woody plants to create the
        design of a garden is essential in creating height and maintaining
        interest. Expand your garden's palette to include unique natives that
        offer seasonal and cultural value to the landscape.
"Sunny Natives for the Landscape" by Kim Hawks
        How much sun does a herbaceous perennial need? Discover some of the 
        unique American plants for foundation planting, mixed borders, and
        meadow settings and also how they attract wildlife, butterflies, and
"Gardening in the Woods" by Jan Midgley
        Even though most plants rely on sun in order to live, many plants are
        just as content with shady conditions. Discover a myriad of plants
        that are reliable in a shady woodland setting. Propagation of natives
        for the home landscape will also be addressed.

Registration is $45 and includes the symposium and lunch.
        Registration deadline is Feb. 8, 1993
To register or for additional information write:
        Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
        P.O. Box 28246
        Richmond, Virginia 23228
        or call (804)262-9887
Tim Williams
Education Chair, Virginia Native Plant Society
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