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Peder C. Tange Noergaard ctange at
Sat Jan 9 21:49:41 EST 1993

As i see it, the only advantage with a  dichotomous keys on a hand-held computer
is that you do not have to look for the next entry. But at the same time the
overview over the structure of the key is lost.

With a punched card key it is different, here some of the advantage is that
it vil be posible to use the key in the field which otherwise is difficult 
with lose cards.

There is a punched card key: Detremination of Angiosperm Families by Means of
a Punched-Card Syatem.   By Bertel Hansen and Knud Rahn  Published in 
Dansk Botanisk Arkiv 1969 Bd. 26.

This key has 172 cards for determining 411 families of Hutchinson 1959.

I saw this key while i was following a course in Angiosperm taxonomy.

On my  HP-48sx, which to my knowlege is the only hand-held computer with 
has suficient memmory to make such a program (ca. 50k), i coded in this key.
The program is slow, but it kan be used. It could be much faster if it was 
programed in Saturn asembly.

                            Christian Tange
                            Aarhus University
                            Biological institute, Dept. of Syst. Bot.

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