mtDNA in nucleus

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Fri Jul 23 12:32:00 EST 1993

> > it's artifact time again.
That is a possibility!
> >
> > i have tagged a genomic region in tobacco with t-dna, and behold,
> > after sequencing the genomic clone, i find in the middle of it a
> sequence
> > with 70% homology (over 140 bp) to a mitochondrial locus from
> > arabidopsis. if you would look at a smaller range, the homology is even
> > better.
> >
> > questions: is there an exchange of genetic material possible between
> > mitos and chromosome ? do you know of any other examples (perhaps with
> > a recent paper, so that i can backsearch) ?
You have not supplied much information, but if the homology you have detected
is not coding sequence then firstly you cannot speculate on the direction
of transfer and secondly it may not be mitochondrial. Much of the
mit DNA is *unique*, therefore why should your sequence occur in
Arabidopsis when it is a tobacco nuclear sequence unless it is a nuclear
fragment that got into the mit genome prior to the split in the arabidopsis
and tobacco lineages. Have you looked in the tobacco mit genome to see whether
it is there? If it is not there and it is not coding sequence, it can't
be significant.....or can it?
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