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> Hello:  Well, since you asked... I have been reading this newsgroup for
> almost a year now.  I am an herbalist by training and am currently researching
> the use of potentially poisonous plants in phytotherapy.  It is very helpful
> for me to see what the various tendrils of interest are out there in plant
> science and it helps keep me up to date with a general view.

Aren't you worried that some of these plants might have dangerous side
effects? Just curious :)

> Though I doubt many of you would be interested in my work (and that of my
> colleagues), I feel it is important that folks in plant science know that
> there is a rich knowledge being developed here and in other countries with
> the use of plants for healing.

Do you contact tribal elders about their knowledge of medicinal plants
like an Ethnobotanist dose ?
> I am a bit strange even to my colleagues, in that I hang out in "western
> science" gleaning what I can and bringing info back to my field.

I'm sorry to hear that your colleagues feel that way. Because I would
think that the two fields could give alot to each other.

> With the current interest by the public in the use of herbal products, and
> the current threats from the FDA in taking all herbal products off the market
> and therefore creating a difficult access to them, my interests are indeed,
> very apropos.

I had heard that some hebal teas like Fox Glove tea can be very
dangerous ( especially if one is on digitallis), do you think
this may be behind the FDA threats? Again just curious :)

> I'll be here reading and ready to answer any questions regarding phytotherapy
> when it is needed.  And, I'll ask for help every now and then as well.  Thanks
> for creating a fascinating newsgroup!
> Robyn Klein, Herbalist
> Bozeman, Montana

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