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Fri Feb 4 17:37:47 EST 1994

Feb 04, 1994

I am currently reorganizing my Plant Physiology course and am looking for new
ideas for lab period experiments/exercises. I have a 2 hr lab period each
week and a 14 week semester. Currently I am running a rubisco assay
experiment and a GA experiment with Brassica rapa (deficient mutant). I have
several simpler excercises involving water potential and growth but I would
like to add a few more "exciting" labs that would make the sessions a bit
more interesting.
If you have any suggestions, comments, references, sources, ideas, etc.
Please let me know - I will greatly appreciate it. In a month or so, I post
the most interesting responses for all to share.
Please send any information to:
Alexander Enyedi
Dept of Biological Sciences
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-3899

E-Mail:  alex.enyedi at

Thanks again!

Alexander Enyedi

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