cell wall discussion group

Tue Mar 29 10:35:30 EST 1994

Hello, netters.

I received several inquiries about how to subscribe to the cell wall 
discussion group, so here is the information.

To subscribe to the cell wall discussion group, send an email message 
to: listserv at vm1.nodak.edu.  The body of the message should contain 
the command: sub cellwall <your first name> <your last name>.  Leave 
the subject line blank and do not type any other message or text.  
All mailing to the cellwall list should be sent to: 
cellwall at vm1.nodak.edu.  

Ronan O'Leary, PLEASE NOTE:  I was not able to send mail to your 
address (bmb1n3ag at leeds.ac.uk).  I tried several times to return your 
messages, but they bounced!  I hope that this is the information you 

Kate VandenBosch

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