HELP needed Italian squash seeds

Catherine W. Nanz cwn at
Wed Aug 9 11:54:14 EST 1995

Hi! We grew coccuzzis (sp?) for the first time this 
year. We grew ours from seed, but can't seem to find
the package. They might have been from Burpee.

They certainly are prolific! I brought some to the
office to share, and one of my Fillipina co-workers
was happy to take one. She said they call them "opo"
in the Fillippines. So if you don't find them as
coccuzzis or edible gourds, you might try looking in
the asian vegetable seed section under opo.

We like to serve them just like zucchinis: stir fried,
or sliced into thick steaks and barbequed with a little
olive oil/garlic/herbs. Cocozelle squash is much more
like zucchini than coccuzzis are.

Good luck in your search.

Best regards,
Cathy Nanz 
EMAIL: cwn at

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