Australian Boab (Adansonia )mystery?

Jan Forbes Jan_Forbes at
Fri Feb 3 01:35:19 EST 1995

Is there anyone out there who can tel me, definitively, if Adansonia
gregorii is the only species of Boab occurring in Australia (naturally or
otherwise), or whether Adansonia digitata occurs here too?

I have checked a number of books - "What Tree is That?" says both are
here, as do articles from "GEO" and "Australian Geographic". This however
seems to dispute the information I read today in both the "Atlas of
Australian Vascular Plants" and in "Forest Trees of Australia", and in
many other texts I have consulted in the last year or so.

I am quite prepared to accept that gregorii is the only species in
Australia, however this poses another problem for me! 

I have 10 or so gregorii plants that I have grown from seed collected
near Broome, WA. These plants are deciduous and in all ways match
descriptions for gregorii. The problem arises in relation to another
plant I purchased from Fairhill Native Nursery north of Brisbane which
was labelled 'Boab, Adansonia sp.' . This plant fits all the right
descriptors for digitata, non-deciduous, larger leaves, etc. It is
definitely not a Brachychiton or anything else that could be construed as
confusing, and is quirte dissimilar to my other plants - hence my mystery!

If no-one can help, perhaps someone knows where I could reach 'P.
Armstrong', the specialist quoted as reviewing Adansonia for the
"Atlas..." mentioned above.

My chilhood fascination with these giant trees (which I had never seen in
real life) persists!!

Thanks in advance with hope.

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