Jade Plant problems

Kathleen M. Heldreth heldreth at esvx12.es.dupont.com
Mon Feb 13 15:37:20 EST 1995

In article <3hcfn2$rsq at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, abjam at aol.com (AbJam) writes:
>I can't seem to find a more appropriate newsgroup or mailing list for my
>question, so I opted to at least try to get help here.
>I have a sizable jade plant (Sizeable for a houseplant here in Maine) It's
>roughly 5 years old and about 2-2.5 feet across. I've noticed the last
>week or so that where the leaves meet the branches, white 'gunk' is
>appearing. It almost looks like a powdre, but when I touch it with my
>finger it smears.
>Because I live in apartment with electric heat, my home tends to be dry,
>hence, I have lots of plants to expire moisture into the air. I recently
>got a small hand mister and had been misting the jade (this last week) but
>I stopped today until I can be sure the mister isn't in some way causing
>the white stuff.
>Any help will be much appreciated!
>Try GeoPublish!  You might like it! :)

	Sounds like mealy bugs to me!  Try handpicking the cottony masses, 
swabbing the cottony masses (and fleshy pink adults) with isopropal alcohol, 
washing the plant in the shower, or an insecticidal oil like 'safer soap' or 
'sun horticultural oil'.  _kathleen_heldreth_

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