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Thu Feb 16 22:26:49 EST 1995

Robert McGehee (rmcgehee at wrote:
: 	I am trying to germinate a tomato seeds between two moist
: sheets of paper towels.  I keep it wet but my seeds to not seem
: to be germinating at all.  It has been 5 days and I haven't seen
: any progress.  Does it naturally take this long or is something 
: wrong?

: Robert
: rmcgehee at

	Germination and time to germinate are determined by a variety of 
factors - physiological and environmental - and are typically 
species-specific, sometimes even differing within species. Plant 
propagation is a large area of research and commerce, you may want to 
read more about it.
	Regarding your tomato seeds in particular, though, my Sunset Western
Garden Book says to put them in a light soil mix, cover with 1/2" fine soil, 
keep soil surface damp, and place seed container in a cold frame or sunny 
window, the object being to keep them warm.

good luck,
Lynn Barlow
blbarlow at

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