need help on gene transfer to plants

Michael Levin mlevin at
Sun Jul 9 13:37:38 EST 1995

    I am looking for some basic info, or pointers to an introductory
review or something, on getting various animal genes expressed in
plants. That is, supposing I have cloned an animal gene. How easy is
it to try to get it expressed in a plant? Specifically, 1) what kinds
of plants are amenable to such stuff (beans, cacti, trees, etc.), 2)
how easy is it to do a pilot experiment to see if the thing is
expressed in the appropriate way, and 3) how likely is an animal gene
to be expressed properly in plant tissues (supposing the gene is an
enzyme or structural protein, not a regulatory gene)? Please email any
info to mlevin at

Mike Levin

Newsgroups: bionet.plants
Subject: need help on gene transfer to plants
Organization: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

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