Organic nutrient Q

William Tivol tivol at
Wed May 3 13:27:57 EST 1995

Jani Pohjanraito (jpohjanr at wrote:

: 	When growing plants (esp. vegetables and teas), which are the
: best sources for following nutrients: Ca, Mg, P, K, and Potash (especially in
: household)?

Potash is KOH (or high in KOH).

: 	Eggshells contain at least Ca - is it in useful form? Any other
: nutrients in them?

Yes, the Ca is useful, and (I think) there is P as well.

: 	What about wood ash?

Wood ash =~ potash.

Mg is in all plants, so mulching in some clippings and/or starting a compost
pile will supply this nutrient (as well as K, P, & N).  BTW, N is the best
fertilizer for promoting leaf growth.  Good luck.
				Bill Tivol

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