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Linda J. Hosticka lh9j at darwin.clas.Virginia.EDU
Tue May 16 11:27:46 EST 1995

To: University Greenhouse Managers or Greenhouse Users

	Our sleepy biology department greenhouse has suddenly found
itself in great demand with the hire of several new plant
faculty. (One plant population biologist is sufficient to
change anyone's operation.) We have always billed professor's
grants for the amount of space they use in the greenhouse each
month. This money buys consumables: pots, media, fertilizer,
insecticides. The department has always covered equipment and

	I would like to know how other universities handle the
problem of fairly distributing the cost of running their
greenhouse. I have heard horror stories about holding plant
sales to cover costs, so we could be doing worse here. I would
especially like to hear about who pays salaries at your
operation, the institution or users of the greenhouse.

	Please respond to me at my e-mail address:
		lh9j at

	Thanks for your help-		Linda Hosticka
					Greenhouse Manager
					UVa. Biology Department

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