peach leaf curl???????

TGray tgray at
Sun May 21 10:31:02 EST 1995

Peach leaf curl (_Taphrina deformans_) is a fungus.  Removing infected
material is important, but you have to spray the tree to really control
it.  I use copper sulfate, sold commercially as Bordeaux mix, a wettable
powder that is applied twice for best results.  I apply it once in early
December right after leaf drop and once in mid- to late January before
flowers and new leaves come out.  Copper sulfate is pretty benign stuff in
the environment; it's the only spray I apply besides NAA (a synthesized
natural plant growth regulator).  I use one of those cheap $7 spray units
that you screw onto the end of your hose, and it works fine, but here's a
tip: Mix the powder with hot water, it emulsifies better.  (I don't mean
the hose water, just what you put in the spray unit.)

T. Gray Shaw, ISA Certified Arborist

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