Help with unidentified lawn grass

Troy D. Carson carso013 at
Tue May 23 13:08:59 EST 1995

Mr. Al Wojcik,

I am a member of the turfgrass research team led by Dr. Don White at the 
University of Minnesota. The plant you describe sounds as if it may be an 
annual bluegrass plant, but it is difficult to tell just from a description.

If you could send us a sample we could identify it for you. A live sample 
is easier to identify, so if you could take a small sample with leaves and 
roots, with soil remaining on the roots, wrap the sample in a wet paper 
towel and place in a zip-lock bag. Also, please include your name, address 
and phone number in a separate bag so it doesn't get wet. Send the sample 
as soon as possible after digging to give it a better chance of surviving 
through the mail system. (Next day service might be better if you want to 
go that route.) My address should appear below.

If you decide to send us a sample, please let me know, so that I can keep 
an eye out for it.

Troy D. Carson

Troy D. Carson
Turfgrass Research
University of Minnesota Horticulture
304 Alderman Hall
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