CONFERENCE: Sustainable Development: Managing the Transition

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Fri Dec 13 12:37:18 EST 1996

                 The De Lang Woodland Conference
           Sustainable Development: Managing the Transition
                            March 3-5, 1997
                    Rice University, Houston, Texas

World population is expected to double in the next 50 years, creating
new demand for food, shelter and energy. Meanwhile, natural resources
are being depleted at an alarming rate, and pollution continues to
threaten the health and welfare of the world's population as more
nations become industrialized. To ensure the needs of future
generations, solutions must be developed and implemented immediately
to manage the transition to sustainable development. Meeting these
important economic, ecological and social challenges of the 21st
Century will be the theme of the 1997 De Long Woodlands Conference on
"Sustainable Development: Managing the Transition, March 3-5 at Rice
University in Houston, Texas. Internationally renown leaders from
business, science, technology, academia, government and social science
will address a broad range of issues related to the concept of
sustainable development during the three day conference. Audience
members will be encouraged to participate in the question and answer
sessions, as well as the panel discussion on the afternoon of the
third day.

The conference is organized by the Energy and Environmental Systems
Institute (EESI) of Rice University and the Center for Global Commons
at Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) in the Woodlands, in
partnership with the National Academy of Sciences and the James A
Baker III Institute of Public Policy at Rice University.
For more information, please contact Judy Howell at EESI - (713)
373-5674 or e-mail  jmhowell at The Institute's web page address is

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