mycorrhizae tolerance to fertilizer

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Mon Dec 23 21:28:14 EST 1996

Mr. Chapman, the whole point is that, the minute mycorrhizal cultures have
become available, right off the whole scientific, academic crowd is going
to start poking around for a chance to get a grant.

Here I am 80 years old and have spent most of my life in the academic
ambience, one way of another, and I have grown to despise most of it. For
all the decades, there were only sneers for organic growing. Then when,
all of a sudden, the federal govt started to give money for grants, little
bit tho that was, instantly most profs discovered that, strangely enough,
their research impinged on organic method, so please give them some of
that grant money.

Just sickening. I spoke to some profs, saying just that, and they weren't
even insulted. They just laughed. Their whole life is dependent on just
one thing: grant moneyl  They are expected to get it, publish enough so
they can expect to get it, and if they don't do so, they are oustedl

You wait and see, these people will start more open angling for money from
you plus the free materials.

I remember once, there was one farm advisor who was courteous and helpful,
and he EVEN ACTUALLY CAME TO MY PLACE so I could show him a problem--my
lovely mandarin tree , loaded with huge fruit, was suddenly dying. 

(It turned out it was squirrels destroying the roots because of some food
buried near there, I found out by myself when I dug it out.)

But even he--I was surprised when I, as a token of appreciation, gave him
a quart of Enzoom-- he did not even read the label. He said it had not
shown any visible results, and when I questioned him, he said he had just
dumped the whole bottle on the soil.
   It is just so hopeless dealing with these academics.

Sarcastic? They can be openly ugly. I thought what he wrote me was very

B. Rateaver

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