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> does anyone have information on the different species of Hoya plant (wax
> plant) and which ones can you get to flower in the average home. Also a
> sourse for unusual varieties.
> Thankx, Nae
> eMail me

The world's premiere hoya breeder is B.L.Cobia & Sons in Winter Garden,
FL.  They seem to own all of the plant patents on this group .... and they
still produce many of them.  They are a wholesale only company, but they
might be able to supply you with the names of retailers who you could buy
from if you are not eligible to buy wholesale.  They are also the world
leader in breeding Christmas Cactus.  Winter Garden is near Orlando, FL,
area code (407) ... I am sorry, but I don't know the actual phone number,
but you do want the company and not the residence....  Good luck

John Griffis
Assoc. Prof. of Citrus and Horticulture
Florida Southern College
Coconutz at cris.com

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