@@@ Need help for School-photo-project @@@

Felix Finkenstaedt FelixFink at aol.com
Thu Sep 19 12:01:18 EST 1996

@@@ Need help for School-photo-project @@@

I need your help in a rather important and interesting school-project.
Please don’t flame me for crossposting or off-topic, but I have no
particular newsgroup for my problem and in most popular newsgroups I can
reach a broad range of people.

But here is my project.
I want to make a picture documentation about a landscape and how it
changes in the coming fall. How the trees change color and everything
else that is going to happen till Christmas. Every two to three days I
am going to take a picture of the same place at exactly the same time. 
Now it came to my mind the it  would be extraordinary if I can give the
same kind of presentation of almost all kinds of countryside, terrain
and continents. So I am asking you if anybody is so helpful to support
this idea by taking a picture of a suited place. It can be your garden
or anything else, as long as it shows a nice change. I certainly pay for
all the costs and expenses. To keep those down I suggest using slides.
Please contact me with your comments and your thought about this. I
would be very glad and thankful if I can get people from every

     Felix Finkenstaedt

Felix Finkenstaedt FelixFink at aol.com
09/19/96 18:58
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