light environment and photosynthesis in plants?

Mon Apr 14 17:20:46 EST 1997

On 6 Apr 1997, Sandee Anna-Maria Szarka wrote:

> Dear all,
> 	I am currently doing an undergraduate project regarding changes 
> that occur in photosyntheitic pigments ( specificallyv  carotenoids and 
> chlorophyll) in plants with regards to changing 
> light levels. I have been hunting through the univeristy library to no
> avail (most of the papers seem to be concerned with measuring photosynthetic 
> rate (ie C02 consumption or 02 production) as opposed to changes 
> ocuring in cholophyll/carotenoid density and size distribution. If anyone knows
> of any papers (either online or contained within journals) could you please
> either respond to this post or send me email: sandee at
> 	Thankyou in advance
> 		Sandee
If this is any help at all, I have done some study in this area and found
that a book called 'Plant Physiology' by Taiz and Zieger is extremely
helpful and easy to understand.  

Hope I was helpful

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