How to kill a 15 meters high tree ?

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>As I told in a previous message, I have a tree (a poplar) whose root system
>threatens to damage my house, and more likely the water pipe. 
>Cutting the tree down seems difficult because there is not enough place
>around to make the tree fall down smoothly.
>Anyway, my main concern is: Will the root system stop growing as soon as
>the tree has been cut ? (I don't think so, though I don't know really.) 
>And is there a (chemical ?) means to definitely stop the root system from
>growing, -killing the tree-, without damaging the nearby environment?

Poplars will not die if you cut the tree. To kill a poplar you first have to
ringbark it, wait for a year, and -then- cut it down.

To ringbark, you remove the bark all around the trunk to a width of 20 cm or so.

Unless you ringbark you'll have a nice ring of new poplars growing up from the
roots, around the stump; ie. the makings of a really pretty fairy-ring glade, if
you let it grow for a hundred or so years.


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