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Tue Aug 12 14:51:41 EST 1997

There are 20 species of yucca in Texas alone, and there seem to be a lot 
of hybrids too.  See 

McKelvey, S.D. 1938.  Yuccas of the Southwestern United States, Part 1.
McKelvey, S.D. 1947.  Yuccas of the Southwestern United States, Part 2.
Webber, J.W.  1953.  Yuccas of the Southwest. U.S. Dept. Agric. Mon. No. 

Yuccas are notoriously hard to identify in the field (unless you luck out 
and find them in bloom with some of last year's capsules still intact) 
and impossible from herbarium material.

Computer searches for material on "yucca" return a million articles on 
manioc (aka yucca) and very few on Yucca the genus.

PS - McKelvey studied only American material yet yuccas grow all over 
Mexico and perhaps Central America.  I wanted to study the Latin American 
material and revise the US material for my dissertation but could get no 
support.  Know where I can get a grant?
Peter Selby wrote:
> In UK we are starting to get Yucca sp overwintering and maintaining
> themselves in the wild.
> Unfortunately we can't identify them.  How many species are there and
> anyone know of any keys to Yucca?
> --
>  Pete Selby
> (pete.selby at zetnet.co.uk)

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