How to kill Poison Ivy without chemicals

Steve Brilowski brilo at
Tue Aug 19 06:20:14 EST 1997

Good Luck!  I am interested to see how ivy can be killed without chemicals.
 Here is an organic solution.  This product is sometimes used by potato
growers for vine dessication.   Use sulfuric acid.  I don't have specific
rates.  And should be applied with specialized equipment.

Steve Brilowski
Stevens point Wisc.

VryGd1 <vrygd1 at> wrote in article
<19970818213300.RAA28987 at>...
> I have an area that I am clearing that will be used to raise goats. 
> is a substantial amount of poison ivy there and I want to remove it.  I
> not want it to grow back and I do not want to use Atrizine or any other
> chemical.  Does anyone know of an organic solution to this problem? 
> Please include specific ingredients and quantities and application rates.
> Thank you

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