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At 5:03 PM -0400 8/19/97, Bernhard Geissinger wrote:
>Last year I started planting a sequoiadendron giganteum seed at home. No he
>is one year old and I am just wondering under which conditions he will be
>able to survive the next couple of years. My home is in Germany but until
>now he is still inside the house. When do I have to put him in the yard?
>I would appreciate any advice of a sequoia specialist on this matter. My
>address is: Bernie.G at

I am not a sequoia specialist, but I can tell you that
Sequoia trees live at high altitude and very cold
winters.  So I'd bet that you can put the tree out
in Germany and have it do quite well.  HOWEVER, I
would do the transplanting in a spring.  This way
the tree has a full-light summer to prepare its
defenses for the cold winter.  Putting a houseplant
out late in the year is fatal...they don't usually
have enough reserves or preparation to tolerate the
winter.  So my suggestion is: wait until next May
or so (after your last expected frost) to plant it
into a sunny location with good drainage.


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