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Subject: native plants/ WA

        I am getting ready to plant my (new)  back yard with native
plants.  I am in Seattle, WA.  

        Please e mail with hints, suggestions, sources, etc.


Greetings Dex:

See if these sites arent of some help to you. 

National Association of Conservation Districts  has kits available 
demonstrating *Backyard Stewardship*. Each kit include an educator guide, k-3 
and 4-6 activity guides and posters. call NACD at 800.825.5547 for ordering 

Check out these URLs for information regarding some guidelines on developing a
natural landscaped garden and in getting students involved in a school project
regarding schoolyard habitat improvement... 

National WIldlife Federation:  Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program; Schoolyard 
Habitat Program;    Workplace Habitat Program...  

National Wildflower Research

PacificNW Native Plant & Wildlife Organizations

Native Habitats...California Restoration/NativePlants

Green Landscaping with Native Plants: The Wild Ones: A Voice for the Natural 
Landscaping Movement

The Wild Ones, LTD. is a growing national organization of people interested in
using native plants in the landscape. Their excellent handbook on natural 
landscaping can be found at the EPA site. Consider joining the organization to
get the wonderful monthly newsletter full of ideas and info. about any local 
chapters near you. 

The National Gardening Association also has a program with bulb planting for 
school groups. 

Consider searching through the ERIC database for examples of other schools who
have undertaken similar projects to yours. 

Have fun !

Mark Feider
Environmental Education
Milwaukee Audubon

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