Flowering Aloe

Lm1929 lm1929 at aol.com
Tue Mar 18 19:59:08 EST 1997

     I have an Aloe houseplant (I'm not sure if it is Aloe Vera or some
other variety) that flowered last year and is flowering again this year. I
tend to keep plants alive more by accident than design and am wondering
under what conditions will an aloe bloom. I try to remember to water it
the first of every month - only ever from the bottom. The plant is near a
window that gets very little direct sunlight a day. In addition, I
repotted the plant a couple of years ago. I also regularly cut off any
leaves as nec. for burns, if the leaves bend, or just get in my way. 
     I would appreciate any information on what I am doing right or wrong.

Thanks in advance, 

Lisa M. 
lm1929 at aol.com

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