House plants

Bart bartma12 at
Wed Dec 2 10:27:43 EST 1998

Hi all,

I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by coming in here and asking simple

I've just recently begun to grow house plants.  I'm wondering if anyone has
any suggestions on general watering, feeding, and lighting.  I have a
Bird-of-paradise (about 4 feet tall), two species of ficus trees, two others
were listed as ficus - but they look more like rubber tree plants, a bunch
of hanging plants and tropicals.

Do I just try to keep the soil moist?  Spray them every day or only every
couple of days.

I live in an apartment and the only source of natural light is a large (20')
sliding door facing west.  Should I get growing lamps?

The plants all seem to be holding their own, but a few don't look as happy
as I'd like them to be.

Maybe just a good informative web page or FAQ would help.  Suggestions?


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