Sapium Salicifolium a.k.a The Evil Tallow Tree

Haxor31337 haxor31337 at
Wed Dec 9 23:46:18 EST 1998

Calling all botanists, professors, and biologists. My name is Henry Hargrove
and I am doing *gasp* a science fair project. But it really does have a strong
basis behinds it. The Sapium Salicifolium is a very rapid spreader that is
difficult to control once it is introduced into a new enviroment. It often
forces several indigenous plants and trees to struggle for survival, and they
often lose. My goal is to determine a enviromently safe way to control Tallow
Tree infestations. I am planning to give my results to A&M and a university in
Florida to aid in their personal research projects.If anybody has any knowledge
or experience on these plants, please fill out the following interview. I would
be very grateful. Thanx. Henry Hargrove.

1. What is your name and qualifications that make you an expert in the field of

2.What background do you have in the field of botany?

3. Whatis your experience with the Sapium Salicifolium, otherwise known as the
Chinese Tallow tree>

4.Is it true that Tallow Trees are considered the "interlopers of the tree

5. Why is this so?

6. What methods have you used to control or eliminate the Tallow Tree?

7. How effective were those methods?

8 Do you have any other suggestions in the way I am conducting this scienve
fair project?

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