Artificial Lights For Plants

Gaylord Mink gmink at
Mon Dec 21 11:57:44 EST 1998

Most green plants including aquatics do best when grown under light consisting
of all wavelengths .  However, many respond in various ways to light of narrow
wavelengths such as red or blue.  Again some plants respond well to short days
(short light periods-long dark) and some to the reverse.  Some plants,
especially those that grow well under low light intensities grow without problem
under continuous light.   My guess is that if   your aquarium is locate in an
area where you get good sunlight they will very little supplemental light.

rev_grover at wrote:

> Maybe someone can help me?  I'm trying to grow aquatic and semi-aquatic
> plants in aquariums.  In the aquarium hobby there is debate going on as to
> type artificial light that is best.  One idea is that plants only use light
> in two frequencies, one at the red end of the visible spectrum and the other
> in the blue end of the visible spectrum.  A second idea idea is that plants
> need all frequencies of light.  A third idea says that plants simply need
> extremely bright light for the stomata to open. Also a friend of mine claims
> that plants don't need a period of darkness,  that they will do just fine
> with light 24 hrs a day. This doesn't make sense to me but he has more
> experience in botany than me so I don't argue.
> If anyone could give me some insight I would greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks,
>   Grover
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