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Luc Pycke luc.pycke at
Fri Jul 31 11:15:43 EST 1998

Dear David,

Thank you so VERY MUCH for all the information :-D
You've really helped me out on this one!

>         It is however impossible to be sure, as you don't mention the
> actual location or flower colour if known. However I am convinced it is a
> sideritis of some sort. I found a pink flowered plant with dense felting
> in the Masca region,

I found mine in a wood near La Orotava, but I've seen them near Masca
as well. I loved those long walks in the mountains, though I admit that
my feet were almost killing me. Still, the vegetation made it all 

> which I was unable to identify, Canary Is plants are
> difficult for us amateurs to identify, as there is a lot of variation in
> form, depending on altitude and wether in full sun or not.

That's right, but it's certainly nice to learn about all these wonderful

>         As to cultivation, don't be too optimistic, these mountain plants
> have evolved in a region with a very dry atmosphere (the felt stops the
> plant drying out in the sun & wind) and very high ultra-violet levels.

That's interesting. Would some kind of artificial light help? Any

> I would plant it in gritty compost, and grow it in a frost free position,
> with as much light as possible.

Well, I'll do what I can to keep it alive, that's for sure!

> Good luck with your baby, and I hope your Tajinaste seeds do well also!

Unfortunately they don't... But I've got another package of seeds, and
I'll give it another try later. I also brought some seeds of that famous
Strelitzia, but I didn't plant those yet.

> re the book by Bramwell & Bramwell,
> tell your librarian that the ISBN is 0 85950 010 1

Thank you! I'll make sure to order that one!

Btw, I also brought a Greenovia aurea from Tenerife, and that one
seems to be doing fine!

Thanks again for the help David! 

Luc P.

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