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Mon Jun 15 08:42:39 EST 1998

There is a fellow in Mississippi, who used to work for NASA, unfortunately, I
cannot remember his name.  He now works part-time for the Crosby Arboretum in
Mississippi.  He has done extensive research and development in water
purification through plants.  I'm sure if you contact the Arboretum there,
they will know who I am talking about.  He is the one who developed their
system for purifying their wastewater at the Arboretum.


Mr. M Kurtz wrote:

> To whom it may concern,
> I have a high school  student who is currently working on a plant-related
> project.  She is looking to see if water plants affect the level of
> nutrients and other chemicals in the water that they are growing in.  She
> is using water Hyacinths at the present time.  She is ultimately
> wondering about the affects of water plants on chemical contaminant
> levels in water.
> Does anyone know of people who are working in this area or know of any
> reference material for this student.
> Thank you,
> RK
> Huntington High School
> NY
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