A vine with tendrals and a fruit which is round with thorns.

Desmond A Redmon falkon at mindless.com
Tue Mar 31 12:56:54 EST 1998

Studio25 wrote in message <35147368.101A6FA8 at PacBell.net>...
>I went on a hike  where vines were hanging all over the trees.  They
>connected via tendrals.  They had fruit a little larger than most kiwi
>of about the same shape, but were covered with thorns.  What is this
>fruit and is it edible?
>Thanks in advance, Steven.
It would be helpful to know the location I am familiar with most plants
found in the north Cascades.  Your "kiwi vine" sounds like about half a
dozen plants found spread around.
When you post please be spacific and we may be more able to help

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