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Thu Dec 2 11:12:42 EST 1999

Cycads are subject to manganese deficiency.  Symptoms include yellowing of
new leaves near the center of the plant.

The brown spots that look like spores are a normal feature on the back of
mature  Cycas revoluta fronds.

isabul at wrote in message <8243n7$vnh$1 at>...
>I have a small indoor sago palm that I am having probelms with.  The
>leaves closest to the center of the plant are starting to turn yellow.
>The plant receives good filtered light, is kept in temps 60-72, and
>watered once a week (more frequently in summer).  I fertilized about 2
>months ago with Peter's - everything I've read suggests to stop
>fertilizing during the fall and winter.
>Another oddity - it has what looks like spores.  They are the size of a
>pinhead, rounded, dark brown, and mostly on the underside of the leaves.
>I didn't think that sagos GOT spores - is that what I am seeing, or is
>it something more ominous?
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