Starbuck pmdlandarch at
Wed Oct 6 14:45:47 EST 1999

Yes.  I seem to recall reading that under certain circumstances, and for a
limited time, the normal photosynthetic process might be reversed.  If I
recall correctly, it might involve anaerobic conditions as a result of
flooding.  I don't recall the exact chemistry, but it might involve stored
starch reserves.  Also, when the tree is in decay the decay organisms might,
of course, use more oxygen than that which is generated by the tree.  I
don't have the research at hand at the moment, but if you tell me why you
want to know... I'll see if I can dig up soemthing more specific in my

david.curwen wrote in message ...
>Hey, I've a question and surfing led me here.  Does anyone out there know,
>if at any time, plants actually take in oxxgen and give out carbon dioxide?

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