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Steve Hinkson sphinkson at
Thu Oct 7 18:23:23 EST 1999

*Big Grin @ Pam, my protector !*


 Actually, this has been an ongoing debate between the "Steves" for some time.
He's a forceful,
and dogmatic writer, for sure !
Not that I'm always civil either...
Your point that this forum is for "regular folks" is VERY well taken.  There's a
nextdoor newsgroup for those of us trained in Botany, called
Bionet.Plants.Education.  There, we all use only Latin-Greek names.  Sometimes to
the point of being silly, avoiding "willows" for Salix even when we're not typing
about science.  Steve J. never posts in those groups, at least not the three
professional newsgroups to which I belong.

I do appreciate your defense of my efforts.  As usual, I was right, and he was
(couldn't resist)

Since the three most common plants that go by that common name are all
tropicals, the advise was sound, no matter which.
The three most common "Creeping Charlies" are Pilea
serpyllacea with VERY
puckered, textured leaves, and  vining coleus realitives called
Plectranthus, one with scalloped edged shiny, thick leaves, and the
other with large (3" or 8cm.) fuzzy leaves.  Both of the Plectranthus
Creeping Charlies are most often sold as variegates with white
Steve can't...or won't
do any reserch with out the Latin-Greek crutch.
Steve (H.) !

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