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>I am current writing a school paper on Hosta and Hemerocallis species
>and I am getting conflicting information on Hosta taxonomy.
>Could anyone please set the record straight.  I have until November 26
>to hand in the paper, so this section can wait a bit.  But, the sooner I
>can get the correct information, the sooner I can hand in the paper.
>Here is what I have so far:
>Kingdom: Plantae
>Division:  Magnoliophyta
>Sub-Division:  Magnoliophytina
>Class:  Liliopsida
>Sub-Class: Liliidae?
>Family:  Funkiaceae?  Hostaceae?
>Genera:  Hosta
>Species:  not important at this time....I already have over 65 species
>that I can use
>Please contact me at the email listed above if you can help me out.  Any
>links to websites, contacts that I can use, books that I can look up,
>would be greatly appreciated.
>Gdog G Gdog Gdo
>Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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