Muehlenbechia (wire vine)

Sandy glencasey at
Fri Oct 22 13:07:10 EST 1999

Stephanie Coulshaw wrote:

> Hello! I recently purchased a plant I'd never heard of before, a
> Muehlenbechia. This is a beautiful plant that has very wirey stems with
> little round leaves approx half an inch across alternating every inch or
> so. It is a low light, high moisture plant. I've been trying to
> propagate it with little success, by taking cuttings. Of the first
> batch, inserted directly into soil and inside a plastic bag, only about
> 5% are surviving and growing. The second batch, using rooting hormone,
> was a disaster, none survived. I'm trying a third batch of very new
> growth cuttings only from the tips of stems.
> I've searched everywhere for information on this plant with no success.
> Has anyone here any experience with this plant? Propagation tips?
>      Thanks in advance,
>      Stephanie
>      Near Ottawa, Canada

The Muehlenbeckia is a native of New Zealand, and there are others found in
Australia and South America.
There is about 4-5 species in NZ: M. axillaris, M. australis, M. complexa,
M. ephedrioides. Yes they are wiry-stemmed shrubs that make a tight mat or
bush on hillsides near the sea, and often grow in harsh environments. They
are commonly called Pohuehue,  and one is a prostrate shrub, and one a
climber. They have delicate scented flowers. They can be propagated from
seeds, or from cuttings of leafy shoots, once they have hardened off in
summer. They are very deep rooting plants, could for binding sand dunes and
growing in difficult places.
Here is some info on it:

Good luck with your cuttings.


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