Pachira Aquatica with problems!

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Sun Jan 23 22:23:26 EST 2000

Jan Luyendijk escribió:

> Hello everyone,
> About five months ago I bought a Pachira Aquatica. According to a label on
> the plant it stands at a place in the house where there is nearly no
> sunshine. The label says the Pachira Aquatica is a strong plant that
> therefore can grow also in a dark place.

> We have searched for information about the Pachira on the internet, but
> haven't found any suitable sites.

> Is there anybody who knows what is going on and can gives us an advice for a
> Pachira Aquatica?
> Jan Luyendijk

Pachira needs be plenty of sun.

The common names in Colombia are "Sapotolongo" and "Cacao de monte" (Wild Cocoa)
because the fruits are similar to cocoa fruits.
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