"Fence" plants

Beverly Erlebacher bae at cs.toronto.edu
Mon Jun 11 15:32:05 EST 2001

In article <3b24ad6c.50925817 at news.citlink.net>, DonB <donb at citlink.net> wrote:
>Greetings, Group:
>Can anyone suggest a source of information on plants that can be used
>as a natural fence?  

Where do you live?  Desert?  Rainforest?  Tundra?

>Any info would be appreciated, and email responses even more so since
>I rarely visit groups like this (part of my problem, no doubt!  :)

Try your public library.  It probably has dozens of books on gardening
that are relevant to your climate.

Btw, natural fences made up of plants are also called 'hedges'.

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