browning sarracenia

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Thu Jun 28 16:11:25 EST 2001

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> I have a purpea sarracenia and a sarracenia flava.  Kept in a terrarium
> the following
> specifications:
> -10 gallon
> -1 15 watt flourescent grow light (14 hour photoperiod) with relatively
> direct sun from window sill

Those single-tube fluorescent aquarium hoods are pretty dim.  But since your
other plants are growing, they must be getting enough sunlight to make up
for it.

> -watered overhead daily, while sitting in 1/2" water
> -80-100% humidity at all times

This might be the problem.  Remember that Sarracenia species are native to
North America, where high temperatures and super-high humidity almost never
go together.  Even on a hot humid day (100 deg. F, with dewpoints above 70
deg. F), the relative humidity will be much less than 80%.

> -terrarium cover removed 30 minutes daily for air circulation.
> -75-90 degrees f. during day, cooler at night
> Sundew, lowland nepenthes, butterwort, etc.... seem to be fine, but my
> sarracenia (American pitcher
> plant) keeps growing pitchers with brown tops.
> Any suggestions/advice are welcome.

You probably already know this, but make sure that you're using pure water
(rain water, distilled, or reverse osmosis).  In any event, I would take
both of the Sarracenia species out of the terrarium and put them in direct
sunlight on the windowsill or outside.  I keep a Sarracenia flava and S.
purpurea on my porch in Urbana, Illinois, and they are growing well.

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