Making palm shoot.

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Wed Oct 9 13:13:55 EST 2002

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> Hi. I have a palm (Dracaena fragrans) in my room. A few years ago I cut
> one of its 3 vertical branches as it had gotten to big. I expected a new
> shot in time, but nothing has happened.
> My question is: How do I provoke it to shoot? There must be a trick to do
> it: When you buy them they always come with 3 vertical branches.
> Thank you.
> Johan

Hey Johan

Often you will see "curls/air-roots" coming out of the branch.
Cut a few centimeters below,than you will have a new
The motherplant will shoot out.
You can also try another methode.
Put some moist moss around the branch,covert with plastic.
In time there will come roots out of  the branch,then act above.


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