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Sat Oct 7 11:01:06 EST 1995

Source of large glass filters??

>>> bio_jxn  10/6/95, 03:10pm >>>
Does anyone have a name, address, phone number of a source of light
for experiments in a plant physiology lab?  I "inherited" small glass
but would like to set up an experiment in a large box with one side
and replaced with a large piece of filter of glass or "cellophane"
material.  The plastics person assured me his filters were not really
filters but just tinted plastic and would allow all wavelengths
to be transmitted.  I would like to be selective for red, blue and

Thank you in advance and thanks also to all who responded to the
culture question several weeks ago.  The "plant-ed, net" is 
especially useful when teaching a new class with an extensive
When extra time is scarce, this mode of inquiry/communication is 

Joan Hudson
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX

Joan, you might try Carolina Biological Supply IF you can get by with
the approx. 10-cm square plastic (?) filters.  We use them as windows
in light-tight boxes for growth and development experiments.  The
boxes are about 15" square by 24" long with the opposite end from the
filter removable, and sealed with weatherstripping gasket.  For
phototropism and other related experiments where we are not concerned
about getting high flux densities to the plants, the 10-cm filters,
much smaller than the box, seem to work well.  Perhaps your
application may require a larger window.   

For experiments where larger areas must be illuminated, I too would
be interested in a source of larger-area filters.

John E. Silvius
Professor of Biology
Cedarville College
Cedarville, OH  45314

Phone 513-766-7948
silviusj at

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